Airduino 4.3″ Pigue Edition low cost

This version was a special request designed for Experimental aircrafts.
It is a total redesign of the Airduino hardware and software. Typical use is for ultra light or experimental aircraft or renovation of cockpit instrumentation. And « Pigue », Argentina, is the city where it will first fly.

Includes the following features:

  • * Sun readable display : Similar to the original Airduino, we have re-used the New Haven Display 4.3″ high brightness. It has a width of 100 x 55 mm which is just enough for narrow cockpits.
  • * Slim design. Due to a redesign of the motherboard and circuits, the total thickness of the unit is only 40 mm.
    Therefore it is possible to install the unit on the front face of the instrument panel without major hole or redesign of the board. All components are included on the circuit except an external AHRS.
  • * Presents: Airspeed, Attitude (Pitch/Roll), Magnetic heading, Altitude, Vertical Speed.
  • * Symbols and readability have been improved. Bigger fonts are used. Only most important information are presented. Designed for simplicity & reliability.
  • * AHRS : Inertial information and magnetic heading are provided from a remote sensor which is part of the kit. It is designed by »YostLab ».
  • * Use of a Pressure sensor, more accurate for Airspeed indication
  • * User interface: Only one knob used to interface easily all menus and functions.
  • * Colour LED for Fault and abnormal indications
  • * Weight : 300 grams+100 grams for the sensor
  • * Power supply 12V ; and only 2.5W power consumption


View of the Electronics: Designed to be more compact.

Back connector for AHRS.

AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) This is the « 3space nano from Yost Labs. It has to be installed at a remote loction, isolated from any magnetic interference.

At Power up, and in case of any anomalies, Red Flags are presented to show if an abnormal condition occurs.

The menus includes adjustment of Speed Flags.
This enables to customize the instrument for any particular Aircraft.

The Calibration menu is there for adjustment of any offset angle. Reset of the AHRS also possible there.

Two Altitude Alerts are provided (Below and Above). There is also an Altitude alert at 12000 ft for Oxygen.


The full Equipment will soon be available as a pre-assembled kit. Target price is 400 Euros.
This will comprise :
– All printed circuit boards with all components soldered and verified. Software installed.
– Original New haven display 4.3″
– 3 space nano sensor calibrated
– Unit in operational order
– A 3d Printed box for installation. Printed in PETG for better mechanical and thermal resistance.